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Packages Large or Small we deliver them ALL
"... I would highly recommend B&T Expedite Delivery Service for any delivery service needs."

Peter Lestyan
UPS Supply Chain Solutions
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B & T Expedite & Delv. Svc. LLC is a local courier service conveniently located in the Downtown Raleigh NC area for those companies with a need to have items expedited through the city.

We specialize in same day Rush Deliveries in Raleigh & throughout the Triangle Area, as well as light warehousing. We also offer a variety of different service levels to accommodate deliveries from small to large items. We are equipped with a tractor trailer accessible receiving dock for large freight deliveries that you may not be able to receive at your place of business

We have a friendly and courteous staff who aims to please the customer and get the job done fast, well and in a professional manner. Give us a call we operate on a 24-hr / 5 days a week schedule.
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